Do you want to remove stubborn stains from your suede footwear? Well this guide will show you how to clean suede boots and make them look pretty much like they’re brand new. If you have suede shoes don’t worry as the instructions in this guide will still work for them as well.

So what are you waiting for?!

How To Clean Suede Boots

Trust me it is very, very easy to clean your suede boots, (or shoes). As long as you have the items that you need to clean your them at home then you’ll have no problem at all.

This guide will show you exactly what you need to do depending on the type of stain that you are trying to remove. So if it is a light or heavy stain, or even a water stain then don’t worry as I will show you what to do.

Any kind of stain that you do want to remove will only take you 2-3 steps. So it really is quick and easy to getting your boots or shoes looking great again.

Topics discussed in this post:

Tackling the Stains

To make the steps involved a lot clearer for you to follow I have included a short YouTube video from JairWoo. This video at present has nearly 400,000 views. And it shows you what you need to do to remove any kind of stain.

So it must be a pretty useful video right?

Credit:   JairWoo

The following is a full list of items that you will need in order to clean all types of stains. So don’t worry if you don’t have all these items. Just determine what sort of stain you are removing and the items that you will need from the video above,

What You Need:

  • Suede Boots/Shoes
  • Suede Protector
  • Small Brush
  • Eraser
  • Newspaper
  • Clean Cloth
  • Water
  • Hair Dryer

Before You Begin To Clean

Before you can actually start to clean your boots or shoes you will need to prepare them. Don’t worry, it’s a very easy step, but an important one.

All you need to do is stuff your suede footwear with newspaper. Make sure that you do completely fill your footwear with newspaper.

The reason for this is that suede can lose its shape during the cleaning process as you will be applying pressure to the boot or shoe.

Also, if you do have water stains that you want to remove then you will need to apply water and use a hair dryer. So it’s important to carry out this initial step before you begin. (I’ll explain more about this later.)

Stuffing newspaper into your boots or shoes will therefore help them to retain their shape. And therefore help to make them look brand new after you’re done cleaning them.

Tackling the Light Stains

Step 1 – Brush the stain

Take your small scrubbing brush and brush the stain in the direction of the fibers. Do not brush back and forth as doing so could remove the fibers.

This brushing process shouldn’t take too long. It will depend though on how stubborn the stain is and actually how many stains that you need to remove.

Step 2 – Wipe clean

Then what you will need to do is wipe your boots or shoes clean with your clean cloth. It doesn’t matter if the cloth is colored or not, as long as it’s clean that’s all that matters.

Tackling the Heavy Stains

Step 1 – Erase that stain

An eraser works really well to remove heavy stains as you can see from the above video. Actually any kind of eraser will do the job. Just apply the eraser as you would normally do to a mistake that you may have made on a piece of paper.

Don’t worry about the little shavings that will fall off during this process. As long as your footwear is getting cleaned then it’s all good.

In my How To Clean Ugg Boots Easy post I did reveal that chalk works just as effectively to remove these types of stains. So if you do not have an eraser then try some white chalk instead.

Step 2 – Wipe clean

Then, (similar to light stains), the next step in this cleaning process is simply just to wipe your boots or shoes clean.

Tackling Water Stains

Step 1 – Wet the stain

Take your clean cloth and dip it into your container of water. Then rub it onto your boot or shoe where the stain is.

Then you will need to press on the water stain for a little while. However, do not use too much water. You only want to lightly soak it.

Step 2 – Dry the area

Next you will need your hair dryer to dry your boot or shoe.

Now I have stated in other How To Clean guides on this site not to use a hair dryer. It really depends on whether you want to or not and how urgent you need your boots or shoes.

Personally I would leave them overnight to dry, or maybe even outside in the shade. Either option works just as well, but I prefer not to use a hair dryer.

If you do use a hair dryer though I would make sure that it is not on a hot setting. Or if it doesn’t have such a control then do not get too close with that dryer.

So what if it takes a little longer to dry? As long as your boots or shoes are clean, in shape and not damaged then they’ll be good to go.

Step 3 – Finish the clean

This step is only needed if the stain wasn’t completely removed. All you need to do is either brush off the stain or use an eraser as I explained in the above two guides.

After Cleaning Care

If you’ve followed the instructions carefully then your boots, or shoes, will be looking pretty much brand new. The great thing as I mentioned at the start of this guide was that it is a very easy process.

But you will want to make sure that after you have cleaned them that they are protected from any future staining or water spillage that might occur.

For this I recommend that you use Kiwi Protector for Suede. This stuff creates an invisible shield that can help prevent either water or dirt from penetrating the suede.

One thing that I really like about this stuff is that not only is it great on your suede boots or shoes but anything else that maybe suede as well. So you could use it for jackets, coats, bags and whatever else that you may have that is made of suede.

Oh, and it doesn’t matter what the color of suede..

To make sure that you use the protector effectively you will need to follow a few simple steps.

Step 1 – Is it dry before you apply?

Make sure your footwear is completely dry before you apply the protector. And also that you are in a well ventilated area that is away from heat or a naked flame.

Step 2 – Spray away!

Spray the entire suede area of your footwear lightly and evenly. You want to make sure that every bit of the suede is covered with the protector otherwise those areas will be vunerable to stains.

Also, make sure that you apply just a light coat. You don’t want to saturate the suede with this stuff.

Step 3 – Give another coat!

Once you have allowed the suede to dry it is best to just give it one more coat. Doing so will create another barrier for the suede.

If you have been out in wet weather then it is also a good idea to apply the protector, (of course once it has dried).

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Owain Couch

Making and repairing boots and shoes has been an occupation in my family for generations. I want to carry on the family business by helping you find the best footwear, as well as provide useful guides that will help make them last longer.


Pam Muir · March 16, 2018 at 11:52 am

Very self explanatery video, it is really easy to follow very informative, Many people have thought that suede is hard to keep clean afraid to put water on suede but you have shown that this is not the case. Carry on the good work and be successful.

    Owain Couch · March 17, 2018 at 1:54 am

    Thanks Pam. I’ve tried to make it as simple as possible to follow.

    Yes suede is pretty easy to clean as long as you follow these instructions. Just don’t soak too much water onto your shoes or boots.

    Glad that you like the site and my guide. I plan to add many more helpful how to guides. So keep checking back for more.

Karen · March 16, 2018 at 11:55 am

Well I’m now off to clean my favourite black suede boots. Never thought to stuff them with newspaper first and using an eraser is a brilliant idea to get rid of the marks.
I do hope this works as they really need a makeover

    Owain Couch · March 17, 2018 at 1:51 am

    Glad to help Karen. All the best with cleaning your boots and please let me know how you get on.

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